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Print Posted by PATROL-911 on 03/17/2017

PATROL-911 Construction Site Security Solution

PATROL-911 provides roving Patrols for your Construction site
The need for on-site security is especially prudent in and around construction sites regardless of the physical size of the job. Construction supervisor main concern is to control access to construction while the crew is not present. Our Officers vigilantly conduct patrol of your site preventing expensive losses and construction delay . No equipment or materials are released without proper permission from the construction supervisor
Laying a good foundation for security is a prerequisite for success just like laying a good foundation for a building. Every construction site has sub-contractors from many disciplines, which means much valuable equipment is available to tempt the experienced and amateur criminal alike.
Appoint PATROL-911 to safeguard your construction site
Trained Patrol officers are the best and most professional workforce to utilize in these cases. Security now, can be a big payoff later! PATROL-911 offers you up to 24 hours, 7 days a week security coverage at a low cost per hour rate
Patrol PATROL-911, your superior Customized Enforcement Protective service specializing in Residential, Corporate, Commercial and Construction site security solution

PATROL-911 will provide you with documentation via electronic verification of all security activity that takes place at your business or facility. Our Patrol Officers are required to file a written Incident Report and submit it for any activity outside the normal scope of business. For our clients and other alarm companies, we can immediately dispatch an Officer in a marked patrol car to investigate the source of the alarm, contact the local police, if needed, contact our client with the results, and secure the building on behalf of the client. This service eliminates the necessity of client response and greatly reduces the clients’ liability in having an employee respond. Best of all, we can offer this service at a very minimal monthly fee. PATROL-911 Mobile patrol services are an effective way for any business that needs for Custom Enforcement Security services, while effectively reducing their cost of providing a safe and secure environment.

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