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Print Posted by PATROL-911 on 03/17/2017

PATROL-911 Your Property Management Solutions

Weather is a Private Residential Community, Condominium Complex or a leased property PATROL-911 is your Property Management Solutions.
Shared living complexes can have a high occurrence of crime, particularly theft, due to the large number of Residence living in close proximity—and sharing any range of common area such as parking, laundry facilities, workout facilities, swimming pools, etc.—the security of an entire complex can pose unique challenges.

In order to ensure a safe and secure environment for all residents, a property manager must have a system in place that deters crime and flags suspicious activity of all kinds. These activities can range from trespassing to loitering, parking problems to noise violations, and drug activity to domestic violence.

To answer these needs, A Professional Officer functions as a key deterrent to criminal activity, a real-time responder in any situation, and a customizable solution for property owners and managers.
“PATROL-911's Law Enforcement look. While on patrol, each officer checks doors, windows, fencing and the general conditions of the property relating to security aspects. If the officers were to find a problem with an account, they would radio into our 24-hour dispatch center and report their findings to the dispatcher.

The following are just some of the benefits of hiring PATROL-911 to secure your property or residential campus.

PATROL-911 deters crime and unauthorized activity.

The most effective way to deter criminal activity is to make a building unattractive to potential criminals and burglars. This means heightening the real and perceived risk of committing a crime. The presence of a PATROL-911 Unit—armed or unarmed—is a simple way to send the message that the property is being watched and protected.

Our Officers have current and former Law Enforcement and Military Background and Experience. They have the training and communication skills necessary to diffuse conflict. physical presence, appearance and targeted skills—contributes to deterring crime and making residents and guests feel safe.

Domestic disturbance,, is one example of a situation that calls for quick, measured response. PATROL-911 professionals provided details of criminal trespass and assault—An effective security professional is trained in observing, responding to and documenting a variety of issues. The most effective officers are also monitored, managed and supported remotely, in real-time, by supervisors.

PATROL-911's Services Include:

Parking Lot Patrol Services
Apartment Complex Patrols
Interior Building Checks
Exterior Building Checks
Lock & Unlock Services
Bank Drops
Alarm Response
Verified & Documented
File on view Warrants for Criminal Charges
Investigative Reports
incident and accident Reports
Photograph Property damages
Document and Report Vandalism
Issue Trespass Warnings
Enforce Parking Regulations
and many other Custom Enforcement Security services

PATROL-911 will provide you with documentation via electronic verification of all security activity that takes place at your business or facility. Our Patrol Officers are required to file a written Incident Report and submit it for any activity outside the normal scope of business. For our clients and other alarm companies, we can immediately dispatch an Officer in a marked patrol car to investigate the source of the alarm, contact the local police, if needed, contact our client with the results, and secure the building on behalf of the client. This service eliminates the necessity of client response and greatly reduces the clients’ liability in having an employee respond. Best of all, we can offer this service at a very minimal monthly fee. PATROL-911 Mobile patrol services are an effective way for any business that needs for Custom Enforcement Security services, while effectively reducing their cost of providing a safe and secure environment.

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